Pull – An experimental blog backlog

I would like to try an experiment. I currently have a fairly large backlog of blog posts that I intend to write that are fairly self constrained. Rather than put them out as I feel like it, I would like to try an experiment in pull. So I will give below a selection of posts I’ve planned. If you want to see one more than others, then leave a comment. I will count the comments (if any) on Monday evening. The one with the most comments will be the next one I write.

The backlog

1. Capacity Planning – An experience report on using Theory of Constraints to create an organisational backlog. This will use details (photos) from the experience report given by Lisa Long at XPDay 2013.

2. The role of the Agile Manager – A description of the role and the training for an Agile Manager (Delivery Manager, Risk Manager and Coach ). The importance of reporting.

3. Given When Then – A Cynefin Case Study. An experience report describing how Dan North and I created the Given When Then format made sense using Cynefin.

4. Using Cynefin’s Butterfly Stamping to determine the most appropriate to building the backlog.

5. The ups and downs of Hippos and Data Scientists. How to order your organisational backlog.

6. Something else you want me to write about. Some aspect of Feature Injection? Real Options? Staff Liquidity? Scaling Agile for Practitioners? What…evvva?

7. Tornado Maps and Skills Matrices. How to use your skills matrix and backlog to build a tornado map.

That should be enough. On Tuesday night, Dermot and Simon Cowell will count the votes and announce the vote on twitter.


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A IT programme manager specialising in delivering trading and risk management systems in Investment Banks. I achieve this by focusing on risk rather than cost. A focus on costs can lead to increased costs. View all posts by theitriskmanager

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